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The story on the Hermes scarf

The story on the Hermes scarf

The soul of the Replica Cheap Hermes Scarf is the pattern on the silk scarf. Because the pattern is special, each one looks like a beautiful painting, but in fact these patterns are not designed casually. Each pattern has its theme behind it. story. This time I picked a part of the scarves and introduced them to the creative inspiration to see if you have any scarves.

The pattern represents the saddles used in various grand ceremonies, mainly light horses. These utensils are often used in conjunction with a harness that supports the rut. These saddles are made of embossed leather with tassels and sashes on the edges, bronze adorned with laurel leaves, royal icons, and ethnic emblems, which are very luxurious, indicating the owner's aristocratic identity and celebrations. importance. The saddle with a lion pattern and refined leather and gold-plated brass fittings is the harness for four carriages during the Louis XV period. On the side of the saddle, there are hemp-like bands, which are reminiscent of horses groomed neatly, sometimes with ribbons. In the middle of the picture, it seems to be a picture of a wall fixed with pyramid-shaped nails and woven sashes. It is a horse-drawn carriage designed for the coronation of Louis XVIII. But in the end, this design was used by Charles X.

In 1937, Hermes launched the first Replica Luxury Scarf called "Women and Bus." At the center, the women sit around, the sky blue retro dress lights up the whole picture, the inner yellow carriage rides clockwise, and the outer red and blue carriages face each other, as if it is a rotating disc, full of movement. This silk scarf was printed by wood engraving in the past, and the pattern was drawn from an ancient game.

This is a triple game of optics, graphics and text! In the "Character Horse" scarf, revel in this triple game. The original French word "caractere", the word "personality", has multiple meanings, which can refer to both personality and temper. The word "letter" is used in French typesetting.

Hermes bolduc ribbon is one of the brand's most prestigious symbols. It combines Hermes' long-standing elegance, attention to detail and perfect workmanship. Between the ripples, Hermes's four-wheeled carriage and driver, both flickering, as if playing a strange hide-and-seek game. However, those familiar with Hermes can recognize the bolduc ribbon at the first sight, and the stitches that mimic the saddle stitches on the ribbon. A mosaic with Hermes' distinctive features, a flawless puzzle, and a woven design make this scarf unique, just like the Scottish name for the tartan, called the Hermes family motif. "!