You can dock at any port in runescape

Since Runescape seems to be dead, what can Jagex have done to help Runescape to ensure its continued success RS3 Gold? It's hard for me to see a game this popular going south so quickly or at all from my perspective.

Given my biases, I think the shift from simple skills to more complicated and difficult to pick-up activities was a terrible decision. Dungeoneering (when I played) never felt like an actual skill that could be applied outside of the realm. Summoning could at most be used in almost all places.

It was disappointing that they mainly focused on graphics, and not much changes. One of Runescape’s main attractions was the quests, and I feel like they missed some great opportunities. (Elf city? I think that their quest system is one of the best out of the MMOs that I have played, and yet I really don't think that there is much coming out in the last few months. Maybe I'm not happy, but Runescape could have continued to thrive in the event that they had chosen an alternative route.

Their problem was that they continued to do things that split the fans, instead of listening and compromising. EoC is an excellent illustration - it meant they can do things that they could not previously however, it cost them a large chunk of their playerbase. EoC could be better than the other options however, is it worth the loss of popularity Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape? I don't think so. They could have avoided tens of thousands of members being canceled by being more open to compromise.