He's famous for being among the greatest trash talkers

He's famous for being among the greatest trash talkers from the NFL as well as among the smartest players on the field and in the film room. Sherman's never been the fastest or most flexible corner, but he's made up for it with his own movie instincts and study. He is often overlooked because of being surrounded with the rest of the Legion of Boom in Seattle, but his very first year in San Francisco showcased his accolades weren't a byproduct of the talent around him. He's just that great, to start out with.

You seldom hear people discuss Daunte Culpepper and it's likely because of his inconsistency. Including his incredible sophomore year that resulted in this Madden NFL cover, Culpepper had two other amazing seasons for the Minnesota Vikings. The problem is that these were spaced between decades and in his 7-year stint in Minnesota he only played a full 16 game season 3 times. Daunte Culpepper wasn't the continuing pro bowl quarterback, but he was a unique gift that gave the Vikings several incredible seasons.

Shaun Alexander is an ideal role model for athletes who were not the fastest, strongest, or most nimble. Alexander showcased that a constant work ethic along with a never-ending motor may take you places pure ability and talent can not. People today forget that Alexander was among those Seattle Seahawks greats since he was quickly succeeded by Marshawn Lynch. You don't have the kind of career if you're not committed to being the best version of yourself day in and day out.

Prior to the trend of Nick Foles assisting the Philadelphia Eagles win their first Super Bowl it was simple to name the best quarterbacks in the history of franchise. Two of the names that come to mind are Donovan McNabb and Randall Cunningham. Donovan McNabb was a very talented cop who had the chance of being coached by Andy Reid, one of the most intelligent offensive minds the NFL has ever seen. It is the biggest missing piece for his resume when discussing all-time greats.

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