The grind can be a bit rough, but it is all about the journey

The grind can be a bit rough, but it is all about the journey. Don't think you will max your account in a few weeks or a year. The game caters to all levels.I quit Runescape if OSRS came out because they expected me to re-create an account I'd 3300 hours. I like to adhere to the shitfest.

A couple years ago this would've been a release that is little; a convenience update for PVMers released on a quiet week. It is weird that this has been marketed as a"big update" using a trailer. I was gonna state the exact same thing. It is literally only a room, not a complete expansion.It's literally a bank torso, bonfire, portals to supervisors, and a regen amulet. This seems pretty straight ahead, although I am admittedly not an expert in coding. Pull on assets that are preexisting and put them into this art/set piece that is newly created. Not extremely innovative but I will take what I could get.

Its qol that is a good upgrade, but that's it. It doesn't include any new content into the game. They just didn't need to run off more players they have once the new ability drops. Plus they've been unbanning botter accounts here recent in hopes of luring people back in also. IMO its only future damage control.Maybe I'm just whining, but did exactly the battle look. Really bad to anybody else? Somehow they looked worse, although I know it's the cartoons. They used the exact same sword swing movement just like 3 times.

As surely they could've used some moves that are more visually striking, I feel? Metamorphosis or Tsunami or even Detonate for magical? Just or bombardment dual-wielding some throwing rings for scope, compared to shooting at a bow? It just seemed tame for what is being promoted as some PvM thing. And also do the portals actually look like this, or are people just placeholders? It's kind of cool to have a sprite for every single boss, but that seems like lots of unnecessary effort, and as if they were a placeholder, they seemed out of place.

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